IPFS: Using Ansible

In this guide you will find instructions for the deployment of ipfs nodes using docker-compose . This implies that it will run on your local machine and you must have docker and docker compose installed.

Minimum System Requirements

Recommended hardware features for IPFS node:

Recommended HardwareOn Mainnet-Omeg
RAM Memory2 GB
Hard Disk10 GB SSD
  • Docker Host:

It is necessary to enable the following network ports in the machine in which we are going to deploy the ipfs node:

  • IPFS Peers:
    • 4001: TCP – Port to establish Communication p2p with other peers.

    • 5001: TCP – API Server.

    • 8080: TCP – Gateway server.


Install Docker Desktop

For this installation we will use docker-compose. It is necessary to install docker and docker-compose on a local machine that will perform the installation of the node .

Following the instructions to install docker desktop in your local machine.

Clone Repository

To configure and install IPFS node, you must clone this git repository in your local machine.

					$ git clone https://github.com/LACNetNetworks/ipfs.git
$ cd ipfs/docker/compose

Node Installation

Environment variable

  • IPFS Node:

    • IPFS_LOGGING: LOGGING – Level logging IPFS (INFO, DEBUG) – default INFO.

    • IPFS_SWARM_KEY_FILE: Path swarm key to private network.

    • IPFS_PATH: Path ipfs data.

    • LIBP2P_FORCE_PNET: Force private network.

Deploying the new node

  • To deploy a IPFS Node
					$ docker-compose  up -d

Checking your connection

You can check if your IPFS node is connected to the network LACNet.

Check that the node has stablished the connections with the peers:

					$ curl http://localhost:8080/ipfs/QmT7doZQU171dk3XmixagjVrT73dj8MP4XXqLj6EBTWyHA

You should get a result like this:

					  welcome to ipfs LACNet

Now you can check if the node is syncing blocks by getting the log:

					$ docker logs <container name> -f 
$ docker logs ipfs-lacchain  -f

If any of these two checks doesn’t work, try to restart the besu service: e.g.

					$ docker-compose  stop
$ docker-compose  up -d

If that doesn’t solve the problem, open a ticket if you already have a membership or contact us at [email protected].


For any issues, you can either go to issues or e-mail us at [email protected]. Any feedback is more than welcome!

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