On-chain TLs, PKDs, roots of trust, and trust frameworks

The verification process of a VC consists of validating its proofs using cryptographic algorithms, ensuring that it has not been altered in any way. However, within this process nothing guarantees that another entity can issue a similar and fully valid credential. This last point is where it is necessary to define a Root-of-Trust mechanism that allows verifying which entities have the ┬źauthorization┬╗ to issue certain types of credentials, thus avoiding that they may be impersonated.

There are currently different centralized solutions to solve this problem, such as: Trusted List (TL) and Public Key Directories (PKD). LACChain has defined a form of Decentralized Root-of-Trust, making use of the same concepts but through Smart Contracts, with which TLs and PKDs can be deployed, and associated with the verification process of a VC.

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